Strengthening mental health to achieve emotional well-being

We design and develop technology and content to help people strengthen their mental health and achieve emotional well-being.

Our Process

We design artificial intelligence to analyze users' symptoms, identify underlying problems and match them with the best content supported by scientific evidence. We create a unique and personalized path for each user with the goal of strengthening their mental health and leading them to emotional well-being.

We detect the problem underneath the symptoms

We make a precise diagnosis of each user's problem. Weighing personal characteristics, behaviors, emotions and cognitive states, we detect the underlying problem to focus on it.

This process is fundamental in order not to fall into the common error of confusing the symptoms with the problems that generate them.


A unique experience
for each user

Our algorithm based on artificial intelligence allows us to match the individual with the best personalized experience that guarantees the strengthening of their emotional health.

Our objective is that the user enjoys and finds the contents useful to ensure the continuity of their experience over time, key to achieving effectiveness in therapy.

Content created by people for people

It is true, a large part of our product is based on artificial intelligence, data analysis and algorithms.

But most importantly, our content is made 100% by humans.

Rigorous, backed by scientific evidence, analyzed, reviewed and tested. But above all, done with respect and love.

Customized experience thanks
to continuous improvement

All user interactions with Meyo are converted into information that we weigh and analyze to continue providing the best therapeutic experience.

An experience as it is modified and perfected as it progresses, ensuring continuity, always with the ultimate goal of strengthening the mental health of users.

Our Vision

We dream of a physically and emotionally healthier world, where people feel more confident about themselves and improve the way they interact with others.

In order to make our dream come true, we create digital tools that allow individuals to know themselves better, accept themselves and love themselves more. Low insecurity is synonymous with high emotional strength.

We create our own original content based on scientific evidence and adapt it to the current forms of consumption so that it is internalized in a fast, simple and entertaining way.

We work hard so that emotional growth is not boring anymore.

Our Solutions

We develop digital solutions that help achieve emotional well-being in all possible areas and contexts.


Our leading application for emotional well-being


For Work

Stronger companies thanks to resilient employees


Meyo Therapy

The most important network of psychologists in Latin America


Privacy is our priority

We strictly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).

Personal data is protected with the utmost care. Our team works with encrypted databases and highly private systems certified under the highest security standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3.

Security and privacy is our priority.