Meyo for work

Take care of your employees.
They willl take care of your business.

Mental health is
too important to ignore


of employees experiences moderate to high levels of stress


of sick days are working days lost due to stress, anxiety and depression


of job turnover is stress-related

€ 1685

per employee every year.
Are the productivity losses from missed work cost.

What we do?

We help teams learn the skills they need to cope with adverse situations, manage stress and become more resilient.

How we help employees

Build resilience

We help your company's teams to improve the way they face adversity and manage daily stress more effectively. They will learn skills and incorporate habits to strengthen their minds and build resilience.

Reduce stress

Emotional strength helps to reduce stress levels both in the work environment and in the staff, improving employees' ability to focus and creativity.

Improve teamwork

Healthy working relationships are the cornerstone of successful companies. Respect for values and teamwork are the basis of the sense of belonging.

How we help your business

  • Decreases absenteeism

    Meyo for work helps to strengthen emotional health and reduce stress and anxiety levels of employees achieving a remarkable impact in reducing sick days.

  • Increases productivity

    Fewer days off, more days of productivity. Employees with less anxiety and more focus become more creative and productive.

  • Better work environment

    When we feel good about ourselves, we feel better about others. Strengthening individual emotional well-being will result in a better group relationship, improving the company's work climate.

  • Reduce talent turnover

    Good relationships within successful teams foster a sense of belonging and increase retention of key talent.

How do we do it

  • Emotional strength

    Learning to understand and manage our emotions in the face of frustration or adversity is key to improving our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

  • Less anxiety and stress

    Understanding anxiety and stress, and being able to detect the stimuli that trigger them, allows us to manage our emotions, reactions and decrease anxiety levels.

  • Better comunication

    Managing anxiety and stress allows us to feel better about ourselves and this affects the way we communicate with our colleagues, other areas of the company and our entire environment.

  • More focus

    With emotional strength, we master our emotions and reactions. This allows us to focus better on tasks, optimizing our time and that of the team.

  • Better teamwork

    If we are all better off, we get along better, we communicate better, and that helps us gain a sense of belonging.

  • More motivation, engagement and productivity

    The effectiveness of work teams directly impacts the productivity of the company.

Employees who feel invested in their job outperform their disengaged peers by 202% while enjoying greater satisfaction and engagement.

And we also offer

  • Customized Experience

    We make a diagnosis that allows a personalized experience for each employee.

  • Group Challenges

    To strengthen membership and to stimulate and improve teamwork.

  • Tailor made Challenges

    According to the specific needs of the company.

  • Online Dashboard

    Real-time pulse on your employees’ emotional wellbeing, resilience, engagement with work and life, and other metrics customized for your organization.